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Bio Band

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  • What are Bio Bands?
    Our bracelets and rings are offered in ceramic and 3D printed PLA. The Bio Bands contain an NFC chip that will open a URL that leads to your custom bio page upon tapping it with any smartphone!
  • What do they do?
    Our Bio Bands allow you to instantly share your bio page by tapping them to the back of any smart phone. Your bio page is completely customizable to display any information you want (ex. phone number, email, social media channels, URLs, etc.). We've partnered with to bring you the best fully customizable bio page for you to share your info at the tap of a ring. We know how fast life happens so you can continuously update and customize your page to display your most relevant information any time want and your Bio Band will be instantly updated through the cloud! You can get started by setting up your page here:
  • How do I order one?
    Step by step Select the ring or bracelet you want Choose a size Enter your URL Enjoy! Time to show it off You can create a page by going here:
  • How to use my Bio Band? (iPhone & Android)
    iPhone From the lock screen, hold the Bio Band on the top of the back of the phone until a notification appears on screen Tap on the pop-up Android Make sure to have "NFC" enabled in your quick settings Hold the Bio Band on the back of the phone until a notification appears on screen Tap on the pop-up
  • Are they waterproof?
    Yes! All ceramic and 3D printed Bio Bands are *waterproof. (Although it is not recommended to submerge underwater for extended periods of time.)
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